Mats Valli is the founder and managing director of Valli Consulting AB, a company specialising in providing advice and training on project management, quality systems and efficiency improvement.

Mats holds a Ph.D. in Chemistry and has lived and worked in Japan as a research associate and uni­versity lecturer in analytical chemistry for several years. Apart from an interest in the Japanese language, Mats’ interest in the culture has encouraged him to learn and ac­tively adopt and implement “Kaizen” (a philosophy in continuous improvement) to both his personal and professional life.

Prior to establishing Valli Consulting AB, Mats was working with Pfizer Health AB in Stockholm-Uppsala. During his more than a decade long tenure with Pfizer, Mats has held various in-house train­ing, research and managerial positions within the company. Leveraging on his experience, Mats has played an integral part in managing and imple­menting various large scale projects.

Mats has on several occasions been invited to lecture on analytical techniques and quality issues pertaining to the pharmaceutical industry.