Project Management
Valli Consulting AB has the relevant experience in leading and participating in many large scale projects. We believe in good structure and thorough planning before execution and adopting top-down approaches to the desired level of details. For clients, we offer the services of our Project Site at

Projects which we have worked on includes:
  • Inventory and relocation planning of laboratories at Gothenburg university.
  • Inventory and relocation planning of laboratories with about 1600 people at Karolinska Institute.
  • Construction of a new animal hospital and research laboratories for the Swedish University of Agricultural Studies, about 55 000 square meters.
  • Redesign of aseptic production for double capacity
  • Implementing a Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS) within QC laboratories and QA departments
  • Restructuring of all analytical methods and quality specifications
  • Transfer of analytical methods between laboratories within Europe and between Europe and the USA
  • Transfer of knowledge between laboratories
  • Planning new laboratories, including logistics
  • Relocation of laboratories to new facilities
  • Closing down laboratories and production facilities
  • Improving laboratory efficiency with planning systems
  • Introducing computerized systems
We are trained in project management, including concepts such as Six Sigma, Kaizen and Lean manufacturing. We also have several years of working experience as line managers. We carry ID06-authorizaton.

Project Phases
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