My former manager at Pfizer Health AB wrote this on my LinkedIn page:

“Mats is a project-oriented person, with the objectives in focus. He easily dig into details without loosing the helicopter perspective. Mats has the ability to structure up complex and difficult processes and from this he makes very pedagogical presentations to different groups and steering teams. Mats is flexible and has shown great engagement in different project tasks and he has also given creative support to the rest of the project teams.” June 30, 2008

Ewa Bylund, Senior Quality Manager, Pfizer
managed Mats at Pfizer Health AB

We have worked on:
Equipment coordination, Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences, 2010-2014.
Process validation and analytical method assessment, North Carolina, USA, Juni 2010.
Some of our clients include:
Karolinska Institutet (project management)
Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences (project management)
Isconova AB (project management)
Naturell AB (setting up a cGMP lab)
Region Gävleborg (project management)
Mikro Kemi AB (training, FTIR)
QPharma AB (training, cGMP)
Rechon Life Science AB (training, cGMP)